Precision Machining Solutions

Main Manufacturing Capabilities

Explore the core services we provide to meet diverse industrial needs


Custom Parts

Our precision CNC machining services guarantee high-quality parts production with tight tolerances, ideal for critical applications.


Batch Production

With our automated turning & milling processes, we excel in delivering large volume components efficiently and accurately.


Complex Components

Specializing in complex assembly projects, we offer a comprehensive solution from design to assembly, streamlining production timelines.

Why Choose QTH?

Discover the unique advantages that set QTH apart and deliver exceptional machining solutions.

Quality Assurance

Our dedicated team ensures every product meets stringent quality standards, providing you with reliable and durable machining solutions.

Expert Craftsmanship

With a focus on precision and attention to detail, our skilled craftsmen guarantee unmatched quality in every mechanical part we manufacture.

Get in Touch Today

Reach out to us for all your precision machining needs. Let’s collaborate and create exceptional mechanical components together.

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